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Model: Two-piece, 5mm –thick suit with high-waisted pants 

Outer lining: Standard nylon with the exclusive camouflage pattern

Inner lining: Nylon

Wetsuit consists of two parts: short pants and jacket with a hood, have camouflage coloring.

Pants size up to chest with reinforced neoprene kneepads.

The jacket fastens with two clips.

Suit has elbow pads and emphasis on chest  from the enhanced neoprene.

Sealing flange on the hood and cuffs on the arms and legs are made of a flexible and strong neoprene SMOOTH SKIN (very well clings edge the suit at the

wrists and ankles, preventing the ingress of water).

Costume is sewed by anatomical brim for more comfort.

All seams are glued and blind stitched seam (strong neoprene, which eliminates water ingress at the seams)


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