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The women's suits are designed to perform the same functions as the men.

However, for the production of suits for the ladies, we take into account a number of features inherent to the ladies: it is the structure of the body, and the

desire to look beautiful and fashionable.

The combination of these components determines the choice of Coral suit for women.

Design of women's suits very effective: with brightly colored accents and amazing graphics.


• High range Suit for dive in cold and temperate water.

• The main difference of this suit - it is soft neoprene, color and graphics.

• Dive Pro Coral is designed for a new version of suits for the people that want to bring beauty, personality, and confidence to the water.


Coral suit version with black base color, nice print with logo, pink color for girl and blue color for man Anatomical cut:

• High quality preformed anatomical cut.

• Glued and double-stitched flat seams.

• Layer super sealed collar: pleasant to the touch, perfectly regulated, creates a reliable tightness due to the special shuttering.

• The Zippers on wrists and ankles are sealed with volume turn-down collar from smooth neoprene.

There is a neoprene layer in side.

• On the sleeves, leg and collar coated titanium coating to reduce ingress of water inside the suit

• Elastic material of good quality quickly returns to its previous state when it has been stretch. Reinforcements:

• On a knee neoprene has thickened for more durability and slippering.


• YKK zipper increases comfort and durability.

Zips at wrist and ankle.

• Reinforced neoprene at the end of all the zips to avoid any risk of tearing

• There is stop zipper and strap which makes it easier back zipper fastening.

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.


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