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The Orca Stainless steel Titanium Coated Combat Diver's Knife with Pointed Tip is a quality dive knife for recreational scuba divers and professionals.

The knife is great for cutting, digging and prying. You won't find a better large dive knife.

  • The blade is made from a special hardened stainless steel chromium , with one side smooth and the other one is serrated right along the blade; theyare both very sharp and effective for line cutting.
  • This side of the blade end, near the handle, recessed to cut nets and fishing lines.
  • Fishing line cutter
  • Over sized hilt protects your hand from sliding onto the blade
  • Push button sheath designed with a quick release for one-handed operation
  • Stainless steel butt plate for signalling
  • Blunt tip with slightly lifted tip
  • The knife comes with two, standard issue straps to attach it to your leg.

PS. This product is not a toy. Please keep it in a proper safe place to avoid children from obtaining access to it.



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