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Bag - a backpack for spear fishing one example of convenient and easy to pack equipment underwater hunter or free diver.

The length of the main section of the backpack easily accommodates long hunting fins.

Wetsuit with competent installation also can fits in a backpack.

Additional straps on the sides of the backpack allow to attach an external equipment and additional accessories.

Thermos - compartment for transporting fish or cold drinks. 

We recommend this backpack all who need to move along the shore with the equipment between dives, or when choosing a place to hunt.

Elastic band on the front of the backpack allows you to remove even the large towel.

Brief description of the bag for diving:

Color: black

Bag Dimensions: cm

Weight 1.9 kg empty bags

The volume of 40 liters

Materials: Nylon 420 den impregnated PVC.

The fabric is waterproof

The main compartment has a drain valve and vents

Side mount for two guns

Side straps for adjusting the volume of the backpack

Adjustable straps


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